Her teacher, Jon Kauffmann, said in a 2019 email to the girl’s mother, “I was referring to a joke from the show NCIS, and meant no harm when I tapped the back of her head. I am devastated that she felt uncomfortable.”

Jeff Mirel, a principal with Rosenblum, told the Guilderland Town Board at its Aug. 16 meeting, “As the project design has evolved, you know, we found it would be more efficient to construct a single building than two buildings and reduce the overall unit count, but include more units in the single building to achieve efficiencies.”

GUILDERLAND — A woman says she was “held against her will” between Aug. 11 and 17 and “repeatedly sexually assaulted” by Wyatt J. Bleau at his residence, according to an Aug. 17 release from Guilderland Police.

John Charles Bielik is a teacher, a designer, an historian, and a preservationist.

He makes marbled paper — the sort of colorful patterned paper that you see in centuries-old books — the traditional way.

“It is a profession and I am a professional,” Bielik says in this week’s Enterprise podcast.

The Guildering Planning Board on Aug. 10 approved a site plan for the United Group of Troy for 192 apartments and 30 townhomes, where the largest change compared to an early proposal from the Pyramid Companies is the shift of two five-story buildings approximately 300 feet to the north of Westmere Terrace and 150 feet from the neighborhood property line. 

The tax rate for Guilderland residents will go up 4.84 percent rather than the 2.98 percent predicted last spring. This is because the taxable valuation in town decreased by nearly $80 million from the $4 billion estimated in April. So Guilderland residents will pay $18.20 per $1,000 of their property’s assessment.

Shreya Sharath, at 13, has a passion for art.

So does Rachel, also 13, the central character in the book Shreya wrote, “The Hidden Realm.”

The 25-year agreement Altamont signed with Reservoir Road Solar allows the company to build a 25-acre solar facility at the 303-acre Altamont Reservoir site. 

Neil Sanders, always speaking in measured tones with ready explanations for sometimes thorny questions, shepherded the district through the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009 when Guilderland cut over 100 jobs but did not suffer a budget defeat. His advice as another recession looms on the horizon: “It all goes back to being a team effort. Everybody’s got to be part of that discussion and process.”

The study looked at 30 years of development, demographic, and economic trends in town, and arrived at the conclusion that, generally speaking, development has declined in the years since the town last updated its comprehensive plan.