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Cats, by their very design, have many fascinating qualities and talents.

The last time I checked, we appeared to be in the middle of the yet another food-diet-nutrition-health craze.

One time when I worked for a savings bank, I had to drive “Mrs. K,” a bank vice president, to an event.

If you want to become a submariner, you have to get through the Navy’s basic training.

This must happen to everybody. You’re sitting at your computer, working, and a cat climbs into your lap.

“Hi, I need ear scratching please,” says the cat.

My maternal grandfather owned and operated a wholesale produce business in New York City for over 40 years.

We live in interesting times. No two ways about it. Some people are focused on the idea that the world is crashing down around us as a result of the election in November.

Any time I get a chance to go to a museum, I take it. While not artistic myself, I do enjoy seeing all kinds of creative things, like paintings, sculptures, dioramas, and more.

When my oldest daughter lived with us, it was not uncommon to see her doing homework on the computer while listening to music and having about 10 instant-messaging windows open at the same time.


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