Michael Seinberg

The last time I checked, we appeared to be in the middle of the yet another food-diet-nutrition-health craze.

If you want to become a submariner, you have to get through the Navy’s basic training.

This must happen to everybody. You’re sitting at your computer, working, and a cat climbs into your lap.

“Hi, I need ear scratching please,” says the cat.

We live in interesting times. No two ways about it. Some people are focused on the idea that the world is crashing down around us as a result of the election in November.

About two years ago, maybe a bit longer, I began to hear about the tiny-house movement. No, it’s not about living in the Barbie Dream House, but you’re closer to the truth than you think.

Not too long ago, there was quite a little controversy when a book came out claiming that roaming cats were doing irreparable harm to the wild bird population.

Sometime around 1986, I began to grow what would eventually become a full beard and mustache. My reasoning back then was very simple.

OK, right up front here, I’m going to say some less-than-flattering things about a rather sacred cow, to some.

Perhaps I need to consult a theoretical physicist. I think what I see every week may be some sort of violation of the laws of nature.

There’s this phrase that’s been making the rounds the last few years that has really got me a bit ticked off.


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