Michael Seinberg

We’re all pretty familiar with the Big Lie stemming from the 2020 election and we all know how absurd it is.

I recently had a rather eye-opening conversation with a cicada. His name was Terrence. He had more than a bit to say about the world and how we humans are not necessarily doing a great job.

Do you ever play that mental game when you buy a lottery ticket? What would you do if you actually won?

I noticed a short but amusing discussion the other day on the Altamont Facebook page.

It’s always been my opinion that people choose to live in Altamont because they want to be part of an actual community.

When I decide to buy something, I tend to ask a number of questions of the seller or maker of the product. Does the product function properly? Is it a good value? Is it safe?

As I write this, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been in office for 12 days.

I’m sitting here at my computer and out the window the world is covered in a fresh six-inch coating of snow.

As I write this, most world leaders, the media, state election officials across the country, and the majority of American voters now agree that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election by a cle

I saw a very interesting political cartoon recently. It showed two lines of people marching in opposite directions and each person was holding up a sign with a single word on it.


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