Hilltowns Senior News for Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Hilltowns Seniors Thanksgiving dinner was a smashed potatoes hit. The food was excellent and 60 some seniors were there to enjoy the fellowship, this was reported by everyone I asked, as Alyce and I missed it do to conflicting events.

We were at a craft event where Alyce was a big hit with her angels made out of hymnbooks and wreaths made out of sheet music. I just sat there and talked to everyone and took the money. Can’t ask for a better day than that.

Senior bus 

Our bus is running. We don’t have a schedule down yet as another driver is needed and the holidays are messing up our Wednesdays. This will all be worked out shortly. 

Christmas party

Our Christmas party will be held at the senior center and catered. The menu is scalloped potatoes and ham with all the fixings. Lots of singing and other entertainment provided by some people that don’t know it yet. The date is Dec. 14, at 11 a.m. and please call Rosemary Porter if you haven’t yet as we need a head count soon.

 Book club

The senior book club is reading Crossing Oceans. All are welcome.


My life has been less stressful these past two months. I told my husband he doesn’t have to buy me a daily calendar as I looked at it the other day and it is blank.

Of course, you never get rid of the daily stresses of reading the paper or listening to the television.

Not much good news there.  I am wondering how to start the eighties over again. Enough of all this government backstabbing, and having to go through a hundred channels to get things done.

Even then things don’t get done as they sit on people’s desk.

Christmas giving

Enough of that. During this Christmas season, let’s not forget people less fortunate than ourselves. Even though money is tight for all of us, we still can find a way to give to those in need.

For our seniors that are confined to their home or elsewhere, we are asking that our group bring something to our Christmas party to put in our baskets to be delivered.

Just in case you need a reminder:  If at first you don’t succeed...So much for skydiving.


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