Hilltowns Senior News for Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brrrrr I just heard the weather forecast for the week and it sounds like a trip to the Berne Public Library is on my list.

I have plenty of hot chocolate and a warm throw and I will be all set to bring in the New Year of 2014. I like even years. I don't know why, it just seems even numbers are more calming; We still stay up and watch Times Square and all the crazy people. Those are years gone by for seniors and sitting in front of the TV is the place for us.

Christmas has come and gone. Our Christmas party saw a full house. Everyone always enjoys dressing up for the occasion. Maybe next year, we will have an ugly sweater contest.

Everyone was in a festive mood. With great food and smiling faces, how could we not have a good time. We handed out door prizes and the winners enjoyed their gifts.

One of the prizes was lunch out with me. The lucky winner was Don Moser. His wife wanted to know where we were are going and we aren't telling her.

We had our meal catered and all we had to do was make the coffee and clean up by rolling up the plastic tablecloths and putting them in the garbage bags. That is the way to go.

We were missing our secretary Alyce. Sorry to report she was having her gallbladder out, but got home in time for the big day and is feeling much better and no more pain.

Birthday celebrations were sung to Jerry Miller, Sharon Vincent, Faye Croote, Janet Platt and me.

We had several new members join and hope we don't scare them away.

We were reminded about the shopping bus every other Wednesday. Call CDTA to be put on the pick-up list. Now if I can just get up, I will be there. 

I know I have told you how wonderful my seniors are and so caring. I want to thank them for all the kind words and great hugs,

You don't know how much you all mean to me and my family.

So, keep smiling, stay healthy and have a great even 2014 year.


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