Sean Mulkerrin

The Altamont Fire Department celebrates its 125th anniversary this year.


Evan Christner, a 2008 graduate of Clayton A. Bouton High School, was recognized recently by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker for his work as a math teacher at John J. Duggan Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Alowyn Sim started on the loading dock, worked his way into management, and has been name Albany Medical Center’s 2017 Employee of the Year.

Funding for quiet zones in Voorheesville is slowly making its way through the state legislature.

If Congressman Paul Tonko’s bill passes, an inmate with an addiction could go from a prison recovery program to an outside program without having time in between to relapse.

A nationwide cumulative student-loan debt $1.36 trillion and a burgeoning local “middle-skill” job market has some students, their families, and educators questioning if a four-year degree is still the ticket to a better life.

Superintendent Brian Hunt presented the Voorheesville capital-project plan at a Jan. 22 forum.

The New Scotland Town Board discussed how Heldervale and Feura Bush will begin to pay back debt associated with their special-use districts.

The Voorheesville Central School District received good news from the state about Regents testing.

An interpretation by the county attorney of the three-year lease-to-purchase agreement of the Clarksville Elementary School between the Albany County Sheriff’s Office and the Bethlehem Central School District has the sheriff’s office looking to purchase the building outright as soon as possible.


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