Sandra Kisselback

Is that a siren in the distance? Oh, look! The sound is coming from that big red fire truck heading down to the Berne Town Park. They must be doing a demonstration at the family picnic day.

The new Friends Art exhibit by October’s featured artist, Simona Bortis-Schultz, is in the building.

When the world sits on your stomach, scrinch to the side, thrust up your shoulder, and give the world the Word of the Month Club’s winner for October.

The third Incredible Heldercon, brought to you by the Berne Public Library’s Heldercon volunteer squad, is mere hours away. Do you have your costume ready?

September’s final countdown for the Berne Public Library’s Incredible Heldercon has been activated with less than 11 days to go.

Yes, boys and girls, ladies and gents, tots and toddlers — story time is back from vacation! That’s right fans. Starting at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept.

What a ride! Summer visited, summer moved on, and now it’s time to get back to school. The big yellow buses will soon begin their road crawls to gather and deliver students.

Celebrating the successful conclusion of the Berne Public Library’s summer reading program was out of this world.

A lull hangs in the air as some folks are making a last dash to grab a mini vacay before September.

Laura Shore is sharing a sprinkle of mouth watering paintings that are currently adorning the community room’s Art Gallery wall. You can tour the show throughout the month of August.


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