Sandra Kisselback

It was a 30-year collaboration between Alex and Dr. Irene Pepperberg. From the book, “Alex and Me,” written in 2008 by Dr.

Yoo hoo! Turn the page. Make the grade. Sing a song. June is here and this month the Berne Library honors dads and grads, Flag Day, and the first day of summer.

By June is drawing near with mini changes in sight. Gear up to flip that calendar page and reveal the Word of the Month Club’s June word submission. Take it away, Roxanne.

Dust clumps build up in areas of stillness. Kind of like brain activity. Sometimes you need to shake those dust clumps loose.

Forty-two days. That’s how long it’s been. Announcements were made. Lines of reality shifted. Everyone was told to stay — home, work — from home, learn — at home, eat your meals — at home.

They celebrated their one-year anniversary. That’s 12 months in most regions of the world. April 2019 launched the Word of the Month Club at the Berne Public Library.

Questions to ponder. Do you have favorite movie lines that make you smile, laugh, think?  How often do you quote those familiar words?

With more hours spent at home, the time is ripe for that long-awaited archaeological dig you’ve always wanted to dive into.

The following is a true story. Names have been changed just because.

“I might read a book someday,” said Sheree.

The Word of the Month Club had to do some fancy tech work to hook members in for April’s reveal.


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