Melissa Hale-Spencer

The news from Guilderland this week was sad. The front page says it all.

At GCHS, Pipa says
"Let kids play Shakespeare and let them love it"

GUILDERLAND — Michael Pipa loves Shakespeare. He talks about the Bard with passion.

"Good history is good drama"

GUILDERLAND — The battles for women’s suffrage will be played out on the stage of Farnsworth Middle School this year.

GUILDERLAND — The school district here is taking steps to safeguard finances just as the state comptroller’s five-point plan has been signed into law.

I take pictures, but my daughter is a photographer.

ALTAMONT — Two performers from different eras, different worlds stand on the sideshow stage Saturday night — a fire-eating dwarf and a lank young man who swallows swords.

By Bill Sherman

By Bill Sherman

GUILDERLAND — The school board Tuesday night added $200,000 to the district’s tax levy but Guilderland residents will still have a lower tax rate than projected when they passed the $76 million school budget in May.

The Altamont Fair has been around longer than any of us who are alive today. It has a life of its own as each generation shapes and redefines it.


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