Melissa Hale-Spencer

KNOX — Linda M. Heath showed the same qualities as a wife and mother that she did as town clerk and councilwoman.

Our Old Men of the Mountain correspondent is both wise and witty. We look forward to his column every week.

"During the act of knowledge itself, the objective and subjective are so instantly united that we cannot determine to which of the two the priority belongs."

— Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1817, Biographia Literaria

By Bill Sherman

ALTAMONT — Subdivisions within the village will have to wait until next year as the Altamont Board of Trustees unanimously voted for a moratorium on Tuesday night.

Sex offender shunned
Elms says he has no place to go

GUILDERLAND — On Sunday evening, Matthew Elms felt his options had run out.

GUILDERLAND — The families of Helen Fisher and William Slater are dealing this week with their tragic deaths.

ALBANY — Eleven months after he was arrested and nearly two months since a jury found him guilty of murder, Erick Westervelt, still maintaining his innocence, was sentenced last Thursday to 25 years to life in prison.

The news from Guilderland this week was sad. The front page says it all.

At GCHS, Pipa says
"Let kids play Shakespeare and let them love it"

GUILDERLAND — Michael Pipa loves Shakespeare. He talks about the Bard with passion.

"Good history is good drama"

GUILDERLAND — The battles for women’s suffrage will be played out on the stage of Farnsworth Middle School this year.


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