John R. Williams

The Old Men of the Mountain are going back in time with stories from their youth. Some will include one of the OMOTM’s founding members.

Sometimes the heading “The Old Men of the Mountain” is a misnomer because some of the OMOTM are not that old, by the group’s standards anyway.

1934 military fire truck

The weeks seem to fly by; it is time for another column, and soon it will be time for another one, etc. etc.

This scribe has contacted a few of the Old Men of the Mountain and one Old Man of the Mountain who is not a member of the gathering, but really is an old man of two mountains because he owns the to

Many of the Old Men of the Mountain are hanging around the house and going out only as necessary.

Where to begin? As of late, there are a few of the OMOTM who are getting together at some of the restaurants.

This scribe is beginning to run out of stories from days gone by. The virus is hanging in there longer than the scribe thought it would.

It has been asked: Who are the OMOTM? Well, they started out many, many years ago with just three guys.

The little event the Old Men of the Mountain had last week of course has gone by, so now this scribe is again stuck with researching his little black book.

On Tuesday, June 23, the Old Men of the Mountain met. That is a cool opening and in a way true. The OMOTM and a few of their wives braved the COVID-19 and decided to get together.


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