John R. Williams

On Tuesday, June 23, the Old Men of the Mountain met. That is a cool opening and in a way true. The OMOTM and a few of their wives braved the COVID-19 and decided to get together.

The Old Men of the Mountain have begun to look like real mountain men (over the past few months) unless they could cut their own hair, or trusted someone who is handy with scissors to cut it for th

In last week’s column, the topic was basically what the OFs ate when they were young.

This scribe and his wife were sitting, having breakfast, and started discussing what they had for breakfast when they were kids.

Well, another week of the COVID-19 virus running the country, and the Old Men of the Mountain are still holed up. The OMOTM are planning on holding a get-together where there is lots of space.

Like most people right about now, the Old Men of the Mountain are getting antsy about getting out and seeing people.

The question of the day is the same question that is hollered by the kids from the back seat on any car trip over fifteen minutes, “ARE WE THERE YET?”

This should be an interesting week for the Old Men of the Mountain.

As usual, these are a few notes from the Old Men of the Mountain who email or who this scribe speaks to over the phone. From those spoken to, they are beyond bored.

The week that this retroactive OMOTM report is being worked on has not been an April month.


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