Happy that little Charlotte Sena was located safe and sound

Early morning mist, sun coming up, some color on the trees — it is mornings like this that keep those Old Men of the Mountain (who stay here) hanging around in the Northeast. It is days like this that seem to be the magnet that keeps them here. On this past Tuesday morning, the OMOTM traveled to the Your Way Café in Schoharie to have breakfast and share stories.

All the OMOTM are grateful, and happy that little Charlotte Sena was located safe and sound. Like almost everyone, including the OMOTM and the governor, who said it, it is a parent’s worst nightmare when this type of event occurs.

The minds start thinking of all the struggles and fears the one taken must be going through. The OMOTM wondered if these types of heinous actions are more prevalent now or is it the availability of instant news and so much of it.

If some important official or celebrity has a fart caught crosswise now the whole world knows as it happens. However, in this case, that might have been a good thing because everyone was on the alert.

One OF suggested that, after the scare, when all the commotion settles down, what a story this young lady has for show and tell along with being a great spokesperson for traveling in pairs and being aware of your surroundings. This story being elucidated by a peer will have the attention of all those around the same age taking real notice, more so than if it came from a book or an adult.


Out of cacophony: A deal

It has been mentioned before how just regular conversation among the OMOTM turns into much more than that.

Tuesday morning, the OFs were discussing a combination of completely unrelated topics at the same time: motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars, the weather, picking raspberries, apple-picking time and cider-making, pears, rabbits climbing trees, making wine, and grapes — all at the same time.

One would think that among all this chatter it would just go on, but no.

One OF picked up on the chatter that another OF had about a Harley that he would like to sell, but he also had a small wine-making plant with all the equipment that he would like to get rid of because it is hardly used and practically brand new.

Another OF at the same table rents wine-making equipment to make wine. Bingo!

Now a discussion on where it is, how big, and the OF saying, “I will need my truck.”

All the particulars of a transaction were discussed and then the OF said, “While you are there you can take a look at the Harley.”

This suited that OF fine because even in the fog and mist the OF interested in the wine-making equipment arrived at the Your Way Café on his motorcycle.


Sidecars aren’t cute

The OFs also received a lesson on motorcycles with sidecars. Though they look cute, and are seen in the movies as just that, cute, the OFs found out they are not that easy to drive, and they are not that cute.

One OF said he learned the hard way — they are hard to maneuver especially with no one in the sidecar. This OF said he learned that when driving a motorcycle with a sidecar to put sandbags in the sidecar to keep it down.

Some TV shows use the cycles with the sidecar: the “Two Fat Ladies” cooking show, “Death in Paradise,” and “As Time Goes By” to mention a few.


Drunk cows

Then, on top of this, the OFs who had farms discussed farms that had orchards and not letting cows in the orchards this time of year because they will just munch on the fallen apples and get tipsy as the apples ferment in the fourth stomach.

Apple acidosis can be a serious condition among not only cows but other animals that munch on this type of fallen delight. Moose, deer, and pigs are a few that can become “drunk” when over indulging. This overindulging can even cause death in the animal when it becomes severe.

One OF said that their whole herd became “drunk” because they indulged. The OF said the father told his sons to clear the orchard of dropped apples and put them in burlap sacks so they could press them into cider later on.

The boys did as they were told but all they did was drag the bags of apples to the hedgerow and put them on the other side. The cows could reach over the hedgerow and just eat from the sacks like hay in the manger. All the cows became “drunk.”

Like people who drink too much, the cows mooed with rolling eyes, and they all wobbled when they walked — some more so than others. Come milking time, they were all staggering at the gate, leaning into each other, and still mooing.

The lead cow upon entering the barn could not find her station; all the others then became disoriented and were mooing and milling about, while pooping all over the place.

The father while witnessing all this was going berserk, hollering and shouting “What the x#%#X is the matter with these @#&X#@ cows?”

He’d whack this cow then that one on the rump, continually ranting and raving, and all he got was stupid moos from the cows.

The upshot from all this was they could not ship their milk for three days, and it took two days to clean the barn.

Even though the boys the OF was talking about did not use their heads, the OF offered that the boys never dreamed this would happen, and didn’t even know it could.

It pointed out a fact this OF has heard over and over: Generally mistakes are not the fault of the mistake-maker, but the fault lies in the communicator failing to communicate.

Those Old Men of the Mountain not failing to make it to the Your Way Café in Schoharie were: Rick LaGrange, Ed Goff, Ted Feurer, Jake Lederman, Roger Shafer, Doug Marshall, Wally Guest, Harold Guest, Joe Rack, Mark Traver, Marty Herzog, Paul Whitbeck, Lou Schenck, Jack Norray, Herb Bahrmann, Dick Dexter, Duncan Bellinger, Rev. Jay Francis, Paul Guiton and guest Linda, and me.