Jesse S. Sommer

Three months ago, as late June recessed into full-blown summer, a grainy video shared by WNYT News Channel 13’s Facebook account alig

On the 1st of March, 2018, I sat atop the collapsing roof of Saddam Hussein’s former Guesthouse Palace, gazing across the ravaged cityscape of war-torn Mosul in northern Iraq.

At all times, the path to fulfillment already lies within you.

My mum was only 4 years old when her own mother died, just before Christmas in 1954.

Once again, a guy who looks like me killed those who don’t.

One week ago, the Honorable John Dingell Jr. died at his Michigan home in the Congressional district he’d served for 60 consecutive years.

One of my oldest friends works for one of the federal government’s three-letter agencies.

Jesse Sommer, Iraq

Jesse Sommer , Iraq

CPT Jesse S. Sommer​, Task Force Patriot, Iraq


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