Jesse S. Sommer

“Eyesore.” That’s how Albany’s journalistic community has referenced the century-old Central Warehouse in

The Altamont Enterprise is a mirror — a reflection of us, an opportunity to take stock of who we are and what our locality deems important.  

This era demands more shepherds — those who tend to our many opposing viewpoints, but who nonetheless move us together as one.

The essential fact in the Book of Jonah is not that a man was swallowed by a whale, but that humanity has a heartbreaking tendency to turn its back on God.

At all times, the path to fulfillment already lies within you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers no longer with us, but for whom we’d give anything for just one last chance to say “I love you, Mom.” 

The choice is nightmarishly stark: abolition, or acceptance.  Until we divine an answer, may God protect us — both from the tyrants, and from ourselves.

Our reservoirs and food supply, our coastlines and air space, our energy grids and satellites — they’re all protected by thousands of federal employees whose efforts secure our way of life, whether in shoring up our stock markets or facilitating our daily commutes. And right now, they’re working solely for love of country, as bills pile up.


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