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At a lightly-attended annual meeting held at the Berne community center last week, Kenneth’s Army members defended their group against accusations of financial misdealings and disregard for the sisters of the group’s namesake — providing key evidence when it could — while non-members criticized The Enterprise for its coverage of those issues.

The CDC guidance says people in counties labeled “high” should wear a high-quality mask or respirators in public and those at high risk of getting very sick are to consider avoiding non-essential indoor activities in public where they could be exposed.

The order, issued by Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon on Friday, will be enacted through rulemaking and is subject to public comment before a final decision is made. New Yorkers may email comments to by Dec. 11. If accepted, the wage increase would take effect on Dec. 31.

The Knox Conservation Advisory Council has tapped a local group of nature walkers, the Thursday Naturalists, to develop a species list for the wetland area where the town had once installed a public boardwalk that has since fallen into disrepair. The chairman of the council has said that he hopes to rehabilitate the boardwalk. 

Sarah Slack is one of just two teachers in New York City — the city has 75,000 teachers in 1,800 public schools — to win the Muller Award this year.

The award carries a $20,000 honorarium for the teacher and a $5,000 award for the school or organization of its nominator. 

Today, Roberta Reardon, the state’s labor commissioner, issued an order accepting the recommendations made by the Farm Laborers Wage Board, in a 3-to-2 vote, on Sept. 6.