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Three Guilderland High School students were injured in a crash Sunday evening on Hurst Road after hitting a tree just yards away from the site of a 2000 crash that killed two teenagers. The driver of the car, Alyssa Gelfand, died of her injuries on Tuesday.

Berne and Knox held their Memorial Day parades despite the rain, with onlookers crowding in cars and under umbrellas.

In Westerlo, a landlord who shot a Canadian goose on his property has been ticketed for killing a migratory bird out of season. 

In Knox, furniture and other unwanted items are often left at the transfer station. The town is now seeking a partnership with the Capital Region Furniture Bank, which would take some of the furniture and bring it to those in need.

The decision comes after months of multiple site tests, public hearings, and arguments for and against the 120-foot tower.

Erin Musto of Rotterdam, founder of Maddie’s Mark, was honored by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara last week as one of Schenectady’s Women of Distinction.

Don Reeb has headed of the McKownville Improvement Association for 15 years. At 83, he stepped aside last Thursday. He will, however, remain on the board. The new president is Reeb’s next-door neighbor, Ellen Manning.

Billy Trianni

After a Berne woman was arrested on charges of neglecting her farm animals, the animals were brought to Camp Pinnacle in New Scotland, where one of the caretakers had been arrested on similar charges four years ago.

School officials are calling foul on campaign tactics for the district’s newest elected board member, Timothy Horan — but the results of the vote will likely still stand, according to the district’s attorney, Jeffrey Honeywell.

GUILDERLAND — It’s been an “extremely busy year” for the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency, said Chief Executive Officer Donald Csaposs.

A fire in Westerlo which lasted over 12 hours on Monday left a home demolished. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Grant M. Sacca

GUILDERLAND — A young man from Loudonville led police on a car chase as he tried to flee and then parked his car and fled on foot, police say.

Grant M. Sacca, 19, of 17 Hawthorne Court, was arrested by Guilderland Police on Sunday, May 21.

barn fire

A barn fire on Hennessey Road shrouded an area in smoke beneath the Helderberg escarpment Saturday afternoon.