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New eatery opens at original location

GUILDERLAND — The Shinases, who retired three years ago after running the Chariot restaurant for 34 years, are back in business.

FMS students invent a prize-winning device to “print” organs and limbs

GUILDERLAND — Learning about engineering was expected as part of the Future City Competition, but the Farnsworth Middle School team had unexpected lessons in another culture.

GUILDERLAND — As the national spotlight shines on bullying, in the wake of harassed students’ suicides, the school district here continues its effort to promote safe and respectful schools.

Carving arcs around the rink, the Capital District Sled Warriors are graceful under the hulk of their hockey uniforms.

GUILDERLAND — An antique sign with sentimental value has been stolen from a property off of Carman Road.



ALTAMONT — The hands that created Altamont’s most famous flag have long been stilled by death. But lively hands have now made a red, white, and blue cover to protect the flag for generations to come.

GUILDERLAND — An independent audit released, released this month, found just two minor problems to which the town has responded.

State audit finds no improper payments but problems in claims processing

NEW SCOTLAND — The stark divide over the virtue of war has been lost in a wash of gray, but the simple difference between good and bad is clear to Ben Growick

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland Police Department recently received $61,320 as part of a $21 million settlement from a 2006 case involving illegal immigrant workers.

After fire, the Romanos plan to rebuild their home

GUILDERLAND — A recent audit assessing financial risks for the Guilderland School District noted problems in seven areas, to which the district has responded.

Town to teach value of Onesquethaw

NEW SCOTLAND — One of the dozens of veins that flows to the Hudson River snakes through the south of town and carries with it all the runoff from the area.