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School districts this year don’t have to provide
extra help for students who fall below new cut-off scores

Golden centers his first novel on the changing role of women

VOORHEESVILLE — The village board here swore in an acting justice Tuesday, bringing back former village attorney and former trustee Camille Jobin-Davis to serve when the sole elected judge is unavailable.

Is lacrosse next?

VOORHEESVILLE — A two-year push for a lacrosse team at Voorheesville’s high school will either ring off the post or hit the netting on Nov. 8.

Westerlo plans $2.5M budget for 2011

WESTERLO — Without releasing its full budget to the public, the Westerlo Town Board voted last week to accept its tentative budget as preliminary, with few changes to the $2.5 million budget it adopted last year.

Osterhout’s book uses old photos to tell of a family who ran a Big Band hot spot

Paging through Willard Osterhout’s new book feels like leafing through a family album.

VOORHEESVILLE — The elementary school here is planning to use a computer program to create a more individualized learning style for each student.

HILLTOWNS — Children race through the sun-dappled forest, hiding behind bushes, peeking out from tree trunks. They are looking at Chad Jemison.

AWOL soldier discovered by Dewey’s Diner owner

ALTAMONT — Gordon Dewey was born into the diner business. But, in all of his decades of sharing stories with customers, the return of the AWOL soldier has become a favorite.

By Zach Simeone

KNOX — The town supervisor proposes a $2.06-million budget for next year, cutting about $60,000 from this year’s budget, and he said this week that he expects revenue from county sales tax to begin increasing in the near future.

Greenville Laundromat is open 14 hours every day

GREENVILLE — A new Laundromat opened here about three months ago, filling the void left when the town’s long-time Laundromat closed a few years ago.

GTA and school administrators plan to work collaboratively

GUILDERLAND — The contract for the district’s biggest union — the Guilderland Teachers’ Association — expires at the end of June.

GUILDERLAND — “I know there are a lot of people…who are afraid of this year’s budget,” the school board president, Richard Weisz, said at the close of Tuesday’s board meeting, during which board members stated their priorities for the 2011-12 budget.

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland School District has 12 bargaining units, listed here from the largest to the smallest: