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GUILDERLAND — The voice of a concerned mother has been heard.

Protesters rally to protect elephants as the circus comes to town

Riding a wave of worldwide momentum to ban circus elephants, local activists plan to demonstrate on May 6 when the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus arrives in Albany.

GCSD board calls on community to raise funds for school sports

Recession closes independent Italian eatery in Star Plaza

GUILDERLAND — After 10 years of collecting payments, the town is releasing over $2 million to the state’s Department of Transportation, for the Northern Corridor Flyover Bridge.

“I listen,” says Diefendorf, who relates to students on all levels

VOORHEESVILLE — Mark Diefendorf followed an unconventional course, charted by circumstance, to a career in education.

VOORHEESVILLE — Smiles surrounded Jerry Clark because he looked for ways to make them.

GUILDERLAND — An accountant, says he would bring a needed perspective to the Guilderland School Board.

GUILDERLAND — Three minors were arrested on Saturday at Crossgates Mall, after violating the mall’s parental escort policy. In a scuffle as one of the youth’s resisted arrest, he injured an officer’s leg, according to Guilderland Police.

GUILDERLAND — Engineers and planning board members locked horns last week on the same issues the board objected to three years ago when a proposal was made for a 12-lot subdivision on Church Road.

GUILDERLAND — is looking for a new superintendent who will share the decision-making process.

“We do not need a top-down manager,” she said. “That, to me, is non-negotiable.”

GUILDERLAND — “I’ve been very honored to be on the school board,” said . “It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a great deal. I want to help. We have a good group of people.”