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Save the Pine Bush wins standing

ALBANY COUNTY — Save the Pine Bush has won a case in the state’s highest court that will have impacts across New York State.

GHS over the moon about Ludwig’s comedy

GUILDERLAND — “Think of all the joy you bring to people out there in the darkness,” says George Hay to his wife, Charlotte.

GUILDERLAND — Sometimes wishes come true.

Projects that a facilities committee planning school upgrades had referred to as a “wish list” two years ago may soon become a reality.

GOP’s Rapp and Dems’ Weaver vie for super

By Zach Simeone

Weber and Pitts challenge Kropp and Hotaling for assessor

and Zach Simeone

RENSSELAERVILLE — Four candidates are vying for two spots in the assessors’ office — the town has a total three assessors, each serving four-year terms.

Money follows issues

NEW SCOTLAND — The major political parties in town have spent nearly nothing in this election while the two committees that have sprung up on either side of the heated race have raised and spent thousands.

Democrats’ Gebe and Republicans’
Baranishyn make first run for super,
Incumbents Golden and Emory
take on GOP challengers Stempel and Crawford for town board

By Zach Simeone

By Zach Simeone

RENSSELAERVILLE — Kathleen Hallenbeck, 61, will not be challenged in the race for town clerk this year. She’s been running unopposed since 1975, when she was elected for her second term.

GOP’s Zeh launches challenge

By Zach Simeone

RENSSELAERVILLE — On the road to heading the highway department, Republican Gary Zeh is challenging long-time Democratic incumbent G. Jon Chase, who is running for his fourth four-year term.

NEW SCOTLAND — One further candidate will appear on November’s ballot after winning a court challenge to the New Scotland FIRST party line.

GUILDERLAND — The town and the state both want Robert Ciembrowniewicz to clean up his massive piles of junk, which could be polluting Guilderland’s drinking water.

GUILDERLAND — Guilderland police have switched their stance on raising concerns over public safety.

O’Malley for receiver of Taxes

BERNE — Gerald O’Malley, the chairman of Berne’s Democratic Committee, has been Berne’s receiver of taxes for 19 years and is unopposed again in this election.

Pension hike covered?

GUILDERLAND — The Democratic supervisor says he’s created a fair budget for next year, but his Republican foe says it’s a sham to get the supervisor re-elected.

Motschmann for assessor

 BERNE — Robert Motschmann, a Democrat, is unopposed for assessor.

Berne has three part-time assessors, and Motschmann has held the job for 12 years, three four-year terms.