Misinformation and lies seem so prevalent

To the Editor:
A sincere thank-you to The Enterprise and its editorial staff for their superior quality of reporting and editorial comments. The Enterprise is an asset to the communities it serves, which is especially important these days when misinformation and lies seem so prevalent.

I particularly commend you for your editorial note calling out the misrepresentations and falsehoods contained in Edgar Tolmie’s Nov. 10 letter [“If you are better off after two years of Democratic leadership, you are a member of a very-well off minority of Americans”].

 Some of the falsehoods contained in Mr. Tolmie’s letter are so blatant that it is difficult to ascribe them to ignorance. Rather it seems more likely that they are attributable to some other motivating factors. (Perhaps a desire to surpass the former president’s record of 30,000 documented lies over his four-year term.)

David Renz


Editor’s note: See related column.

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