Living sustainably is not hard

To the Editor:

What is sustainability? We hear it often these days, especially when it comes to the environment. “Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce the use of earth’s natural resources by an individual or society,” according to Wikipedia.

Some of the goals you may want to keep while trying to develop a sustainable lifestyle are as follows:

— 1. Reduce your contribution to the landfill;

— 2. Improve health and the environment;

— 3. Support local business;

— 4. Lower plastic usage; and

— 5. Protect future generations.

Try to limit plastic purchases. Instead, buy glass or metal, which are reusable. To reduce your use of plastic, try the following methods: Instead of buying a plastic toothbrush, buy a bamboo one. Instead of a plastic water bottle, get a reusable one …. The reusable bottle will pay for itself in a few weeks. Instead of a plastic dish brush, get a metal and wood one. Buy products with little or no plastic packaging.

Your dollar has power. When purchasing, try to buy experiences that bring long-lasting memories instead of products.

Buy local. This keeps the money in the community.

Put reusable bags in your car trunk and use them each and every time you purchase items.

In conclusion, living sustainably is not hard — it just takes a few changes. We have made changes before in our life, and we can do it again! 

Elaine Doremus


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