Altamont Enterprise November 1, 1918


— The Hallowe’en spirit was certainly prevalent this year. Several parties of children paraded the streets Thursday night costumed as ghosts, spirits, elves, clowns and various other characters. Many harmless jokes and pranks were played on their friends. Friday morning the village park resembled a storage yard. There were wagons, window blinds, signs and many other articles too numerous to mention, which had been purloined during the night by the spirits. Many persons found that movable property about their premises had been noiselessly snatched away and presented to parties living quite a distance from the starting point. It was a real old fashioned Hallowe’en. No damages have been reported.

— The Altamont High school opened on Monday after a three weeks’ interruption caused by the influenza epidemic. Prof. Hook was among the first to be attacked, but his illness was only a few days’ duration. George P. Preston, a High school student, was also ill, as was his housekeeper, Mrs. Turbett. Prof. Hook’s mother, who came here from Greenville to help care for her son, was also attacked by the disease. Although several cases have developed among the students of the school, none of them have been fatal.

— Miss Lottie Tillotson, a Hawaiian entertainer, will be at the Altamont Reformed church on Thursday evening, Nov. 14. The entertainment which she will give will be an interesting one and will be under the auspices of the ladies of the church. A musical program will also be rendered. Admission adults, 25 cents; children, 15 cents.


We are all very glad to see Dr. A. M. Oliver out again attending to patients, after a short illness.

Cider Making.

I will make cider Wednesday and Saturday until Nov. 23, and then will close for the season. P. E. KINGSLEY, Voorheesville, N. Y.


— Lloyd Sisson and Leonard Cole returned home from a three days’ hunting trip Tuesday night. They were able to treat several friends to a venison dinner the following Wednesday.

— Mr. Rendo, our mail carrier, had the misfortune to break his car last week. Fred Posson kindly helped him out with the business.


There have been 44 pairs of socks, seven helmets, two sweaters and a pair of wristlets taken to Albany headquarters this week, and it is urged that every one who can knit socks and sweaters apply to the chairman of the Slingerlands branch for yarn. Remember the need will be greater as the cold grows more severe. Every pair of socks will mean warmth, perhaps life itself to some of our dear lads.

LOST — A Fox Terrier. Answers to the name of Spot. Has black spot on right side. Reward for his return, or for correct information concerning his whereabouts, dead or alive. C. O. Van Buren, Slingerlands, or Phone Delmar 51-J.

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