Learn from, don’t celebrate, dark history

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to George Pratt’s letter, published on Oct. 8, complaining about “attempt[s] to destroy history” by denouncing the display of the Confederate flag.

Mr. Pratt, the Confederate flag was flown by an enemy “country,” which was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. It symbolizes slavery, white supremacy, racism, and other evils. It does not symbolize anything that could be interpreted or construed as good.

I can think of no reason why this flag should not be denounced and reviled. Furthermore, denouncing it does not destroy history.

This shameful aspect of our history can never be erased, but it should not be celebrated. Only an “ideological idiot” would equate the denunciation of this symbol of hatred with the destruction of history.

We should attempt to learn from this history, but this aspect of United States history cannot be celebrated by the display of this symbol of the darkest aspect of our history.

Jill Loew


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