Ally Moreau

New Scotland town board candidate, Ally Moreau

— Ally Moreau

Ally Moreau

NEW SCOTLAND — Ally Moreau is a lifelong New Scotland resident. She graduated from Voorheesville’s high school in 2014 and is a sophomore at Hudson Valley Community College, where she is studying marketing. She plans to transfer to Siena College in the spring.

Moreau describes her life in New Scotland as characterized by growing up in a large family and working in the family business, Our Family’s Harvest.

“That pretty much took up most of my childhood,” she said, but added, “I’m not complaining.” 

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As well as being a full-time student, Moreau works at her family’s farmstand, which opens from May to mid October, and then works at the family’s farm from mid October to mid February.

Moreau describes herself as a candidate who understands the struggle of landowners and business owners.

At age 20, Moreau also hopes to rally youth to become involved with government. If elected, she would be the only Republican on the town board. Moreau says she would be the “fresh new voice” the town needs.

Moreau says she has friends who serve or have served in volunteer groups like Onesquethaw Fire and Ambulance, New Salem Fire Department, and Voorheesville Area Ambulance. In light of the loss of Voorheesville Area Ambulance Service, Moreau says the town — including the townspeople — will need to be more aware of the needs of volunteer groups like VAAS. She believes the service might not have shut down if more people were aware beforehand of the shortage of volunteers.

In regards to the extra $26,000 that will be added to the village and town’s expenses as Albany County EMS begins covering VAAS’s former district 24/7, Moreau says the budget should have areas where funds aren’t being used efficiently which, could cover the cost.

With a development potentially being built on the corridor between routes 85 and 85A, Moreau says she supports the plans to build there.

“I think that something needs to happen there,” she said. “I’m a big supporter of small business...I’m a big supporter of small development.”

Moreau, noting that the current zoning laws place the same restrictions on small businesses as large businesses, says the town of New Scotland can look at the businesses established in places like the village of Altamont or the town of Middleburgh where they maintain their “small-town character” — not necessarily putting in a Target but rather a small business or even a small-sized Dunkin’ Donuts.

“You have to have things in the town that make people want to stay in the town.”

Looking at the town’s zoning overall, Moreau says she would support incentive zoning, which would encourage new businesses or town infrastructure like a park or a library.

In regards to the state’s tax cap, Moreau says that, although she would like to see taxes kept low, she could not say whether or not she would vote to override the cap if the town was short on funding — it would entirely depend on the situation, she said.

Moreau brought other issues to the table, including her concerns over applying the same zoning laws to small businesses as to big businesses, saying that she has seen people be discouraged from starting a business because they felt too restricted by various laws and ordinances.

“I’d love to see families that want to come here, locate here and prosper here,” she said, “For my generation and generations to come.”

Moreau also stressed bringing “balance” to the town board, as she would be the only Republican if elected. Although she says local issues are not as divisive as national issues, she feels her perspective would add balance to town board decisions.

“I think that my youth is my biggest strength,” said Moreau. She added that her small-business background and family history of politics — which she has observed growing up — means she is not just a “blank canvas.”

She also said her youth is an important factor in bringing in more young people into politics and volunteerism.

“I think it’s important to get that generation in,” she said.

Moreau said that, if elected, her initial goals would include lowering restrictions on businesses, lowering taxes — especially school taxes — and getting youth involved and bringing in new perspectives.

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