We pledge to stand with Sarah Gordon against hate and racism

To the Editor:

I am writing to inform you that I have been elected as the chair of the Democratic Party here in Rensselaerville for a further period of four years. My first agenda item was to publicly recognize Ms. Sarah Gordon for the great work she is doing to combat racism in the Hilltowns.

Here is the letter we committee members — myself, Barry Kuhar, Jeffrey Pine, Connie Kudlack, Kathleen Hallenbeck, and Patricia Carson — sent to her:

As chair of the Rensselaerville Democratic Party Committee, and on behalf of its members, I write to applaud and thank you for your recent actions to organize public opposition to racism in the Hilltowns. Your efforts to develop and publish a digital list of local businesses pledging to take a stand against racism will go a long way towards challenging all of us to put words into action.

Regrettably, as a consequence of your admirable behavior, all of us have learned that even the tranquil pastoral character of our interconnected communities has its own racist population, a frightening lesson indeed. You have received numerous threats and intimidation, all because you have decided to take a stand for what is right. We, the committee, want you to know that, as a group, we support your work towards ending racism and will take steps to assist you with effecting change, through education, discussion forums, and prayer.

As we enter a contentious election season, we pledge to publicly stand with you against hate and racism in all its manifestations. We must, all of us, also remember that racism at its worst is systemic, and often invisible to many people. It is worthy therefore to continue educating our children and communities about the invisible privileges many of us are afforded in our daily lives. We must work together to demand from our elected representatives fair treatment for all people, irregardless of their race.

Hebert Joseph


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