If you are progressive, don’t give your vote away on Election Day

To the Editor:

New York Voters will grant all 29 Electoral College votes to Joe Biden in November. In New York, Biden currently polls at 60 percent over Trump at 34 percent. It’s winner-take-all so, even if Biden only wins by 15 percent, he still gets all 29 Electoral College votes. Period.

Howie Hawkins and the Green Party best represent the progressive policies I want. If I add one more vote to Biden, it will signal my approval for a candidate I cannot support.

So, please do not lecture me about “throwing away my vote” or “letting Trump win.”  That’s not how democracy works.

Candidates have to bring policies to voters that voters want, so voters will vote for them. Elections are about putting people in office that best represent them.

If the Democratic Party wants to represent the interests of Wall Street over Main Street, big pharma and insurance companies over Medicare for all, and pleasing wealthy donors over serving their constituents, then they do not have any reason to demand my vote.

If you are a progressive voter, the only day you will have any leverage is Election Day. Don’t give it away. 

Robert Alft 

Green Party candidate

District 46

New York State Senate

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