Costco will instill renewed pride in Guilderland

To the Editor:

I was thrilled to see the Guilderland Planning Board took an important step forward to allow for a major improvement in our town. I am referring to the board’s approval of the environmental impact study for the project that would bring a Costco and mixed-use development to an underutilized section of Western Avenue.

These projects will not only bring jobs, economic prosperity, and millions of dollars in new sales and property taxes to our town and region, but it will also improve a long-standing eyesore in town. Western Avenue is undeniably a commercial road and has been for decades.

We have seen businesses come and go there in recent years, while also witnessing renewed investment in the area near Crossgates. Most recently, we have seen the construction of the new hotel, which is constantly busy and has added to the improvement of the area.

Now, just up the road, we have seen several buildings become rundown and dilapidated. This is not only unfortunate for business owners and residents in the area, but it also impacts our town by sending the wrong message that we are not committed to the revitalization of this well-travel section of Western Avenue.

We now have the opportunity to support the improvement of abandoned property on our town’s busiest corridor. I have no doubt that once completed, we will have a final product that will be beneficial to our region and will be seen as a great improvement, instilling renewed pride in our town.

Carolyn Drooby


Joined: 12/30/2019 - 20:35

Just how many jobs do you envision? If you read up on COSTCO, you will find that they employ mostly part time staff. The full time staff will be brought in to ‘train’ local staff.

There is a lot more to this story than just a few abandoned homes. People were literally bribed to walk away from their homes over the past 20 years. Pyramid is responsible for leaving these homes in disrepair. The Town did nothing, and has let the Pyramid Corporation run over them and do what they want.

COSTCO is a very reputable business. It is very unfortunate that they are working with a company such as this. Many of the issues that need to be addressed, have not and will not be addressed until a serious problem arises and the Town will be left holding the bag of bills, which in turn will increase yours and my taxes.

COSTCO is very welcome in this town, however, the selected location is very contentious for environmental reasons to the Pine Bush, but also to the neighborhood next to this site.

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