I hope Vas wins and can lead Knox with the support of a board elected to serve with him

To the Editor:

I will start with a question to Mr. Eric Kuck. How can you honestly state, Mr. Kuck, that Vas Lefkaditis  brought in anyone to the Knox Democratic Caucus?

I believe a caucus is just the place to come when you want to vote on a choice for the Democratic party line for the upcoming election. Vas came in as a registered Democrat, period.

I came in freely, also as a registered Democrat.

Two years ago, Vas Lefkaditis knocked on my door and introduced himself. He was running for supervisor. We talked briefly, I got his flyer, and on he went.

My son has always paid attention to government and, now that he is getting older and settling down, we discuss our small town’s government right along with the rest of politics. Vas is just what this town was in need of. Now, with an election coming up, it’s was time to go to town and cast our votes.

I am insulted, Mr. Kuck, for the words used in your letter to the editor and I am annoyed enough to speak up against them. I was not coerced by Vas to attend the caucus, nor was my family. Vas did not reach out to us, nor did we reach out to him.

I have been reading The Enterprise and, when my work schedule permits, attending a few board meetings — in other words, becoming involved in the democratic process, Mr. Kuck.

I made it a point to attend, as did my family, to stand up with my vote against Ms. Amy Pokorny and a few others currently on our town board whom I have been watching and reading about. I feel deeply about these people who are so openly against Vas.

In my opinion, from what I have seen with my own eyes and from what I have read in our local paper, these people I mention are openly working against Vas for no other reason than they hate him. Not for what he has done or said, but for the man they believe he is, without even knowing the man.

Vas won the election two years ago, without the Democratic Party backing him, and, rather than working together, the remaining board members worked against Vas. They worked against him and argued at all points just because he won and their candidate lost. In spite of this constant controversy, Vas has made great stride in improving our town.

Mr. Kuck, really,  accusing Vas of being a “big city loan-shark-type” — really — what exactly is that supposed to mean? I have never heard one insult out of Vas Lefkaditis’s mouth, nor have I ever heard of Vas having anyone’s knees broken.

What I have seen are smart choices being made while running our small town. It’s not about being paid to Vas; it’s about doing a good job.

Vas doesn’t have his own agenda. Vas has the business background that our town desperately needed. Vas also works with the information he gets by listening to all parties with vested interests. Vas has the energy and the experience to see and understand and to apply and to put all this all together in order to make smart choices while in his position as town supervisor.

I went to our caucus to be a part of our town’s Democratic process. I was nominated from the floor during this caucus only to watch the most confused bunch of officials try to sort out the mess they created. Sliding by a nomination of three candidates, assuming no one else will be nominated — shame on you, Knox Democratic Committee.

I do not believe this was Vas’s doing yet, in your letter to the editor, Mr. Kuck, you throw blame on him. Mr. Kuck, I was not surprised or taken aback by being nominated. Quite frankly, I was honored and humbled

You, Sir, may not know who I am, and I will say I probably will never call you friend. That said, I have yet to be insulted by Mr. Lefkaditis as I have been by you and Mr. Ed Nicholson publicly, in our local paper.

It is my hope that come November, all registered voters will come out and vote as informed voters, not on opinion or rumor but on record. I will be voting for Vas Lefkaditis for town supervisor. I hope he wins this election and I hope for the change in our town board that will allow Vas to lead our town, with the support of the board elected to serve with him.

Can you just imagine?

June Springer


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