We almost lost our Republic on January 6th

To the Editor:
The nomination process for the vacancy on the Guilderland Town Board has just been completed and Jacob Crawford, town of Guilderland and Albany County Democratic chairman, was nominated. Congratulations to Jake.

I was able to speak to the assembled 39 committee people. I concluded my talk with the following:

“We are Democrats. We need to call our  Republican opponents out at all levels of office from governor and Congress on down to town council. We, as Democrats, must put their feet to the fire and require that they renounce the activities of January 6th and condemn the Republican National Committee’s unanimous indication that January 6, 2021 was ‘legitimate political discourse.’ 

“Local Republicans and Conservatives need to condemn the activities of the Proud Boys, QAnon, 3 Percenters, and Oath Keepers who sought to overthrow our government. We almost lost our Republic on January 6th. I don’t want to go through that day again. Qui tacet consentire videtur. Silence deems consent. No Democrat, Republican, or Conservative can remain silent on this matter.

“I mentioned the Conservative Party. I know that some Democrats seek out or have accepted their endorsement in the past. This has to cease. These Conservatives are the people who supported Trump. These Conservatives are the people who are supporting [Lee] Zelden, Liz Joy, and others. We Democrats have to be very careful regarding who we seek support from regarding election ballot lines.”

John B. Haluska


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