Quit coddling Guilderland kids

To the Editor:

I was very enlightened, and shocked, reading about the grading system in the Guilderland School District!

According to the story on June 29 in the Enterpriser, 47 percent of Guilderland High School students received an overall grade point average of 90 or better.  A 90 average is an “A” grade.

Now the students don’t want their class rankings to be reported because it shows how the grading system has been dumbed down. For example, in the class of 419 graduating seniors, 182 “earned” an “A” average.  Now the person who received an “A” average but was ranked 182nd in the class certainly would rather not share his or her class ranking with a college admissions office or even a prospective employer.

I worry about these students and the millennial generation. They get participation trophies; they need safe spaces and therapy dogs to help them get through exams, etc.  Now, the “average” student is an “A” student at Guilderland High.

The school district should listen to the concerns of the students. However, in the end, the adults should make the decisions and hopefully, they will begin by establishing realistic standards for measuring the academic performance of these students.

Ever hear of the bell curve? The real world is tough and competitive. Quit coddling these kids.

Mitch Davis



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