Dismayed by deterioration of Route 156

To the Editor:

I am writing to all drivers, joggers, and walkers using Route 156 from Voorheesville to Gardner Road and beyond.

Having become dismayed by the deteriorating road condition of Route 156 during a recent bike ride between Voorheesville and Altamont, I decided to contact the New York State Department of Transportation.

Frank Bonafide, Office of Regional Program Management/Planning, NYSDOT, stated that with limited funds and relative to other poor roads in the area, Route 156 is not even scheduled for repair.

It appears that NYSDOT sees no significant problem with the current surface condition of Route 156 and, therefore, does not have it on any list for repair in the near future.

If, like me, you find the Route 156 ruts, grooves, bumps, and lack of shoulders a significant hazard and annoyance for all, please contact Mr. Bonafide at 518-485-8459 or 518-457-7376 or email to voice your concerns.

Elliott Greene


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