I want probing, fact-based articles

To the Editor:
Regarding the letter signed by local residents of Berne and Westerlo in response to the piece “Berne highway super files for bankruptcy”: I agree that it was not necessary to delve into the personal hardships of Randy Bashwinger, regardless of whether or not his circumstances were a matter of public record. It would have been more gracious to let that matter pass without remark.

However, we still have a free press in this country, and The Enterprise is under no obligation to hold itself to “high moral standards” (whatever that means) nor to publish “positive articles.” Various contentious issues in the Hilltowns merit frank and detailed reporting, and The Enterprise does an admirable job covering many aspects of life in our community.

I for one am not remotely interested in subscribing to a newspaper that will “produce stories of a positive nature.” I want probing, fact-based articles, even if they ruffle feathers.

Let’s not blur the issues. One can object to Bashwinger’s private difficulties being broadcast in this manner while simultaneously encouraging The Enterprise to continue its valuable mission of refusing to soft pedal ongoing, entrenched problems to appease a particular sector of its readership.

Katherine Dieckmann


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