AFD open house. Meet the neighbors who answer your call

To the Editor:

Is there a fire in you?

If your next-door neighbors called your phone right now and asked for your help, what would you do? If they called and said their house was filling with smoke, or their basement was flooded, or the power lines fell in their front yard, would you want to help them if you could?

What if they told you that they were in a car accident and couldn’t get out of the car, or that they fell while hiking and couldn’t make it to safety, would you offer your assistance?

The volunteer members of the Altamont Fire Department get about 100 of these “calls” every year, and like you they want to help their neighbors, friends, and family as much as they can. They have special tools and equipment, and receive training so that they are able to provide assistance when someone in the community needs help the most.

On Saturday, April 29, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., the Altamont Fire Department will be having an open house as part of the statewide RecruitNY event that weekend. If you live in the village, or the larger Altamont Fire District (check your property tax bill to see which fire department you’re paying taxes to), I encourage you to stop by.

If you don’t live in Altamont, you can visit to see when your fire department is holding its open house.

At the event, you can meet the neighbors in your community who have committed to answer your call if you ever need help. You can also learn about joining your volunteer fire company. There is a need for men and women of all ages and abilities who are willing to help their community when they can.

Nick Fahrenkopf, trustee

Village of Altamont

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