Why legalize another substance that causes psychotic-based mental illness?

To the Editor:

While I agree the Rockefeller drug laws were pretty draconian when sentencing for minor possession, there are major issues with the use of modern day marijuana (it’s many times stronger than the ’60s and ’70s stuff).

The emergence of major psychiatric-based illnesses and the violence connected to these cannot be swept under the rug in name of increased tax revenue. Why does this state feel it needs to keep up with the Joneses while stampeding over the cliff?

Whose friend or loved one is going to die as the result of marijuana-fueled violence and the irreparable harm it will cause to all of those involved? How do we explain the death of law-enforcement officers when faced with this type of violence?

We already know alcohol abuse causes harm to self and others. Why legalize another substance that causes psychotic-based mental illness?

I plan to move to South Carolina, a state that is on my list for relocation for many reasons especially to avoid the severe winter weather that can be dished up in these here parts. After my granddaughter has her bachelor of arts degree in 2023, I'll be free to go.        

Anne L. Haun Rymski


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