Help us as we continue to demand answers from our elected officials

To the Editor:

The past two weeks have been very difficult for us. The majority vote of the Knox Town Board to replace us as the town’s transfer-station attendants has left us confused and angry.

To the residents of our town: We want you to know that we have enjoyed serving you and meeting you at the transfer station. We had lots of great conversations, not-so-great coffee, and many laughs with you. We got to know you, your kids, and your dogs; we consider you our friends.

We did our very best to help you whenever we could. The transfer station is definitely the “heart” of the town of Knox. We think it’s fair to say that we have probably met and talked to more residents than any of our elected officials have!

To those of you who attended last Wednesday’s town board meeting to support us: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It’s not easy to wake up every morning feeling that you’ve been wronged; you reminded us that what we did for this town made a difference. We appreciate that each of you left your warm home on a very cold night to recognize and thank us for our hard work and to tell our town board how angry and disappointed you are.

Thank you, councilmen Dennis Barber and Earl Barcomb for standing with us and openly opposing the decision to replace us.

We aren’t done fighting to get our jobs back and we hope that you aren’t done supporting us. Please help us as we continue to demand answers from our elected officials, specifically Supervisor Vasilios Lefkaditis, Gary Salisbury, Ken Saddlemire, and Karl Pritchard.

The few comments made by them on Wednesday and the recent Altamont Enterprise article about our firing [Jan. 10, 2019: “Town board fires three transfer-station workers, hires three new ones”] are full of contradictions and leave many questions unanswered. See you at the next meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m. at the Knox Town Hall.

Dick Dexter

Joe Adriance

Mark Young


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