Westerlo Reformed Church

WESTERLO — The stained-glass windows at the Westerlo Reformed Church, are difficult to appreciate in all their glory because the Plexiglas that protects them has clouded over the years.

Two sisters are battling together as one faces cancer; the community is invited to support the cause.

The next lunch at the Westerlo Reformed Church’s fellowship hall on Route 143 is on Feb. 10 from noon to 2 p.m. The menu will consist of homemade chicken soup, egg salad and grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade assorted pickles, dessert and drinks.

In both Westerlo and Berne, the goal is to get elderly people out for a meal and some company. Their funding sources and organizers, however, are separate.

The music in the Westerlo Reformed Church on Sunday afternoon had people clapping, laughing, crying, and pondering with eyes closed, watered, or wide. The pews creaked beneath the mostly silent but enthusiastic congregation. Pale pink light shone through stained glass windows on Sept.

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