Voorheesville Central School District

No candidate or proposition was turned away as residents of the Voorheesville Central School District approved budgets for both the public library and school district.

VOORHEESVILLE – The Voorheesville Board of Education, in its effort to encourage greater participation by female athletes in sports, at its May meeting approved creating a varsity indoor track team for boys and girls next year.

VOORHEESVILLE — These questions were posed to the two candidates, Michael Canfora and Cindy Monaghan, both incumbents on the Voorheesville School Board, seeking re-election on May 15 in an uncontested election:

– Why did you run for the seat originally?

A forum to discuss equity of opportunity in sports for Voorheesville female athletes was held Monday after parents raised concerns about fewer sports teams for girls.

The board of education adopted a $24.7 million budget for next year, and, on May 15, residents in the Voorheesville Central School District will vote to whether or not to accept it as well deciding on a $7.7 million capital project, a new capital reserve fund, and two seats on the board of education.

Since high schools are not required to report to the federal government, the way that colleges are, on the gender breakdown and expenditures of their sports teams, it is up to local school leaders to be sure girls are served equally as well as boys.

female athletes

Concerns raised over the number of sports offered to girls in Voorheesville has the district looking to make additions.

At its March meeting, the Voorheesville Board of Education debated how to close the budget gap.


After performing “Mary Poppins” last year, the Dionysians, Voorheesville’s drama club, have left proper English society for the jungles of Africa; this year, the drama club will perform “Tarzan.”

Robert Baron, who resigned as head coach of the Voorheesville Varsity Girls’ Basketball team, is now suing to get his old job back.


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