Voorheesville Central School District

Voorheesville School Board member Michael Canfora resigned at the end of October; there’s now a push to make the replacement process a public one.

The budget crisis that embroiled the Voorheesville Central School District last year appears at the moment to be solved, after the district increased its monthly prescription-drug premiums.

In back-and-forth court filings over the disclosure of an investigation in player bullying allegations, Robert Baron, who claims he was fraudulently induced to resign as head coach of the Voorheesville varsity girls’ basketball team, says the investigation includes information that would help his case; the Voorheesville Central School District claims that state and federal law allow the results of the investigation to remain confidential.

Former Voorheesville girls’ varsity basketball coach Robert Baron’s lawsuit against the school district remains a protracted affair; the latest holdup comes because of the district’s objection to giving Baron records of an investigation into allegations of player bullying. 

Frank Macri

Drawing on his music-teacher background, Frank Macri said, a school district is like an orchestra where everyone has to work together to be successful. 

Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail pavilion

In nearly two decades of existence, the Voorheesville Community and School Foundation has given away over $200,000 to help fund local projects. Between Sept. 3 and Oct. 1, the group will be accepting applications for its latest initiative, the “Big Ideas” competition.

At the monthly meeting of the Voorheesville School Board, teachers and residents aired grievances over issues of transparency, communication, and planning. The district’s students were again recognized for their work in the classroom. 

After its board president was ousted in the May elections, the Voorheesville Board of Education elevated its vice president to president and elected a new VP.

Luke Canfora

As she spoke to the Class of 2019, co-salutatorian Alicia Kelley referenced a quote often attributed to Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” 

The Voorheesville School District surprised its longtime retiring transportation supervisor with a bridge named in his honor on the last day of school. 


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