Voorheesvill Central School District

On April 29, Voorheesville will be part of a national initiative to try to get kids off their phones and electronic devices, and into the real world.

Less than half of third- through eighth-grade students statewide passed the annual math and English tests administered by the state. In Voorheesville, that number was closer to 75 percent, the highest proficiency rate in the Capital Region; the district also had one of the largest percentages of students not taking the required tests.

VOORHEESVILLE — Dr. Alan R. McCartney, Ed. D., a school leader, former football athlete and golfer who loved his grandchildren, died unexpectedly at home on Friday, May 8, 2015, after a brief illness. He was 67.

Born in Yonkers on July 30, 1947, he was the son of the late Alan J. and Marion (née Raymond) McCartney.

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