Genya Shimkin discusses her exploration of LGBTQ health and healthcare, from HIV treatment in Russia to her new Q Cards used at home.



Civility and truth are struggling. Fear is doing just fine. Civil discourse based on truth is the way to move forward.

Although schools we cover have policies to support transgender students, the great danger in having a federal directive that chips away at the civil rights of any of us is it weakens all of us.

Guilderland High School recently put up a sign marking its first-ever all-gender bathroom. There will be a total of four in the high school and one in the middle school.

Brave transgender students at Guilderland High School have shared their stories; now the school board must act.

Despite being tormented in middle school about her lesbian parents, Riley Gohlke-Schermer in high school learned to accept herself and came out as being “gender fluid.”

As nine state challenge federal directives to provide “a safe environment” for transgender students, local districts have been quietly doing just that.

Guilderland School Board members said they would create new policies after to transgender students said school should be a safe place.

To forbid discrimination or harassment is one thing; to understand and accept someone who may be different than ourselves is another.

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