The draft of a shared-services plan for Albany County includes a recommendation to consolidate the town of Berne’s highway department with the county’s Department of Public Works.

The schedule was moved up by about a year, and the town intends to request the speed limit be lowered along the route following its repaving.

State funds have been awarded for roads in New Scotland and Berne, part of a $27.8 million package to repair 134.2 lane miles of state roads across the Capital Region this summer and fall.

Paving and repair work will take place on:

World Lymphedema Day, Emma Detlefsen

Some board members expressed concern over aging or disabled residents living on a portion of Stage Road closed for the winter, while highway Superintendent Randy Bashwinger said it was a dangerous intersection to plow.

A town board meeting in Berne last week saw notifications of seasonal road closings and an arranged fee schedule for Switzkill Farm.

The roads they travelled now honor five Hilltown men who died in the Vietnam War.

WESTERLO  —  When is a road no longer a road?

At its July 5 meeting, the Westerlo town board availed itself of its power to certify that a road is no longer a public road because it has had little, or no, use and has been unmaintained for a long time — for at least six years to be exact.

The road where Glenn Gilbert lived will be named after him.

Although the Berne highway superintendent said Sunday’s flooding in Berne was worse than that caused by Tropical Storm Irene, federal funds are unlikely.

Rick and Helen Ketterer, Guilderland


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