hydraulic fracturing

We have some advice on how our representatives should proceed when it comes to hydraulic fracturing and cyberbullying.

Public comments on a report on the natural-gas extraction process were mostly about the potential harm it could bring and how such information was missing from Westerlo's draft report. One was in favor of the process.

With two new board members, the town's governing council was deliberative in its work, while the rest of the town celebrated its community institutions and a stunning murder case was closed.

Two lower courts have ruled in favor of towns prohibiting oil and gas exploration, extraction, and development as part of their zoning laws.

Freedompalooza, a country music concert on Aug. 24, will raise funds for the Freedom Coalition’s voter education and registration drive for the 2014 election.

The moratorium, scheduled for July 25, says the board, now with the report, needs time to evaluate its course of action, whether it be to revise the zoning ordinance or otherwise. At the board's July 2 meeting, though, Councilman William Bichteman said the report is not in a final state and needs editing.

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