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GUILDERLAND — When Kathy Gordon moved into her Guilderland home 50 years ago, the yard was barren.

“There was nothing here but sand and weeds,” she said.

She and her husband planted a lawn, which he diligently mowed, but she is the one who filled the yard — and the house — with treasures.

As residents prepare their homes and backyards for warmer weather, some unknown neighbors may also be preparing their homes.

ALBANY — A tiny ceramic flower — white with a glimmer of gold — was unearthed by archaeologists digging on Livingston Avenue in Arbor Hill.

Donald Vosburgh hopes to put off going to the hospital for necessary procedures as long as he can. He doesn’t like to leave the nursing home, because he’s afraid that some of his possessions might not be there when he gets back.

ALTAMONT — Elizabeth Scott grew up along the Bozenkill in a post-and-beam solar house on land her parents named Sumac Ridge for the clumps of sumac that dotted the landscape.

GUILDERLAND — The man who “was the farm,” according to his family, died on April 17, 2015, after a long battle to recover from a stroke. He was 85.

Learning as they go and using the latest cold-climate grape varieties, Ernest Cupernall and Victoria Vattimo are planning to produce wine from a vineyard on their Knox property.

Early morning birdsong makes a morning stroll worthwhile. 

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