Guilderland Police

Three minors in a separate U-Haul vehicle — stopped near Exit 24 of the Thruway — have now been arrested. Six minors in a U-Haul that crashed near St. Peter’s Hospital had already been arrested, and one more minor, who Troopers say fled from the crashed U-Haul, was also added to the list of arrests in the case. 

A video of a Crossgates Mall brawl posted to Twitter has been viewed three million times. 

Happy Cat Rescue

Marcia and Charles Scott say they don’t understand why they were arrested and that they took good care of the many cats they saved at the Happy Cat Rescue shelter they ran from their Guilderland home.

Captain Daniel McNally

Guilderland’s retiring police chief, Carol Lawlor, and her replacement, Daniel McNally each had a lifelong desire for police work. And each is married to a police officer.

Daniel McNally currently directs the town’s Emergency Medical Services division. 

The robber said he had a gun, but never showed one, say police. 

Certainly a shoplifting charge would not be worth risking lives. But perhaps the officer in pursuit did nothing wrong. Perhaps the officer drove sensibly and Simmons herself was on what amounted to a suicide mission.

Guilderland Police are working with the managers of stores that have been targeted, giving them tips on how to recognize a situation that fits the recent pattern of disruptive incidents, and how to respond.  

GUILDERLAND — Sara O’Connor Kenney, who also goes by the name Sara Neff, was disbarred on Sept. 9 after a conviction on charges — including aggravated driving while intoxicated with a child under the age of 16 in the vehicle — that stemmed from her arrest by Guilderland Police in March 2017.

Radar signs telling drivers how fast they are going went up on May 24 at both ends of the section of Route 146 that runs from Park Guilderland to Depot Road.


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