Guilderland Police

Certainly a shoplifting charge would not be worth risking lives. But perhaps the officer in pursuit did nothing wrong. Perhaps the officer drove sensibly and Simmons herself was on what amounted to a suicide mission.

Guilderland Police are working with the managers of stores that have been targeted, giving them tips on how to recognize a situation that fits the recent pattern of disruptive incidents, and how to respond.  

GUILDERLAND — Sara O’Connor Kenney, who also goes by the name Sara Neff, was disbarred on Sept. 9 after a conviction on charges — including aggravated driving while intoxicated with a child under the age of 16 in the vehicle — that stemmed from her arrest by Guilderland Police in March 2017.

Radar signs telling drivers how fast they are going went up on May 24 at both ends of the section of Route 146 that runs from Park Guilderland to Depot Road.

Guilderland police

One note says, “Police are very importint and helpful and brave and strong. Thank you for keeping us warm if it wasnt for you alot of us would be sick!!”

The town board this week approved spending $77,000 to outfit the town’s uniformed police officers with car and body cameras.

Guilderland Police say that Patricia Dudley, 61, of Guilderland was trying to hurt her husband when she drove, with him in the car with her, into a telephone pole on Carman Road. After she hit the pole, she kept going, turning onto several residential streets, where she ran over a stop sign and onto a front lawn, nearly hitting a house, say police.

A Guilderland man is accused of defrauding energy investors of nearly $150,000 that he used to pay off what he owed from earlier criminal convictions and to buy liquor, tobacco, and women’s underwear, according to state prosecutors.

Assistant District Attorney Steven Sharp is painting a picture of Maeweather as being involved in gang warfare that came to a head at Crossgates Mall.

James Hockenbury

ALBANY — James Hockenbury, 49, of Guilderland Center, now stands accused of sexually abusing more than one young boy.


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