elections 2019

RENSSELAERVILLE — Surrounded by contentious elections in the other Hilltowns, Rensselaerville has decided its grass is green enough with all its seats going unopposed, mostly to be held by their incumbents. 





For the contested races at both the town and county levels, we are adding a new element. In addition to being able to read profiles of the candidates, you may also watch videos of them, answering the same series of issues-based questions.



Dennis Feeney says any paid sick leave legislation should be enacted at the state, and not the county, level. 

Democrats Victoria Plotsky and William Reinhardt, representing parts of New Scotland and Bethlehem in the Albany County Legislature, are unopposed in this fall’s general election. 

Cleary, who works for the Unified Court System, says he thinks drug treatment courts do a good job of trying to get people off drugs and get them an education, a job, and services. 


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