We should not resort to politics as usual but rather insist that our elected representatives in federal government work together to be sure resources are spent wisely and delivered equitably.

For short-term profits from logging or drilling or mining, ecosystems that would sustain humans in the long run will be undermined. What recourse do we have in the face of such hubris? How can we avert the catastrophe that will surely follow?

Quick gratification at the expense of long-term progress, typical of the Trump administration, can be seen in rollbacks to nutrition requirements for school meals.

We want to help neighbors, even those who don’t now know one another, to connect and have a conversation. These conversations, conducted through our website, will be rooted in a place — the community we cover. The first topic will be cancer.

Rather than looking to expand the landfill in Colonie or to regionalize for a bigger landfill elsewhere, Albany County needs to pass laws that required people to do what needs to be done — divert the waste that can be recycled or used productively as compost. San Francisco provides a workable model that we can follow.

The death of another teenager on Hurst Road — a place teens have gone for generations to drive fast, flying over the humps — calls for action. The road should be re-graded.

Recent cuts to federal funds for the agency that inspects and enforces safety rules is wrong. We urge our state to support criminal prosecution in egregious cases.

Disposing of prescription drugs properly — all pharmacies should have drug-collection receptacles — would keep some people from addiction and would also help the environment. ​

We paid heed when we got a phone call from Mary Browne this week. She wanted to warn people about a scam she had suffered. 

The Altamont Enterprise was honored with six awards at this spring’s New York Press Association convention. Two first-place prizes were for images.


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