The Guilderland school district has learned from painful experience that, in the space of 20 years, the identity of a person honored by a memorial may be lost to current faculty, staff, and students.

The civil suit also names as defendants the Albany Diocese and Bishop Howard Hubbard. 

“Our State constitution protects the rights of these terminally-ill patients to make the deeply personal choice of how they define and experience their final moments,” opined a judge on New York State’s top court.

After he was missing for days, an East Greenbush father, architect, and friend was found dead in the Hannacroix Ravine Preserve, an apparent suicide.

Margaret Craven Snowden

Two women — both retired local doctors — believe terminally ill patients should have more control over how and when to die. They are fighting for state laws that would allow that.

Teachers fight the darkness that descended after the murder of two elementary-school students with a scholarship, memorials.

Laws should be changed so that the family of an injured or killed worker can receive the benefits to which they are rightfully entitled.

Six months after Justus Booze died in a woodchipper on his first day on the job with a tree service, the employer who hired him for the day but did not train him is fined $141,800 by OSHA.

Ross Herzog's death certificate says the manner in which he died was “natural,” according to a doctor who works for the Albany County Coroner’s Office.

The lake is located between the towns of New Scotland and Coeymans.


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