Bullying is always wrong but it is particularly damaging for those with autism. The victim needs protection that may be best achieved by disciplining and teaching the bully.

GUILDERLAND — Police last week arrested a Guilderland High School student for cyberbullying an autistic schoolmate, Austin Carter. The unnamed 15-year-old was arrested for aggravated harassment, a misdemeanor.

We have some advice on how our representatives should proceed when it comes to hydraulic fracturing and cyberbullying.

The county's groundbreaking law on cyberbullying has been struck down. The attorney for a teen arrested under the law says there are better ways to prevent bullying while the cop who made the arrest says such a law is needed.

The state's top court broke new ground Thursday when it questioned Albany County's 2010 law criminalizing cyberbullying, a law that was also used last year to arrest four Guilderland teens who posted a rap.

Young adults met with students at Farnsworth Middle School to share their stories of being mistreated through technology and its possible consequences, including lasting emotional scars.

GUILDERLAND — Four Guilderland High School juniors, all males, were arrested Thursday by Guilderland Police on misdemeanor charges under a 2010 Albany County law making cyberbullying a crime.

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