Community Caregivers

The annual luncheon to honor Community Caregivers’ volunteers was postponed because of the pandemic but reborn as a drive-through picnic on Wednesday on Altamont Fairground.

GUILDERLAND — Community Caregivers, a Guilderland based not-for-profit, will be hosting a volunteer appreciation event on Sept. 16 at the Altamont fairgrounds.

If each of us commits to giving just a bit of our time and talents, the community as a whole will benefit.

“The aging population is increasing,” says Joel Edwards, a founder of Community Caregivers. “There is a socio-economic stress of, often, both adults working. And our families aren’t near. We need volunteers. We always need more volunteers.”

“I learned what an honor it is to care for an aging family member with increasing needs and also what a huge responsibility it is to be a caretaker,” said Lee Lounsbury, speaking about the years when her father came to live in her Guilderland home. She is now the executive director of

GUILDERLAND — On Nov. 15, Community Caregivers Inc., a non-profit based in Guilderland, received a $1,500 award from State Employees Federal Credit Union.

Community Caregivers, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enabling individuals of all ages to maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life within their homes and communities, will hold its Silver Anniversary Gala on Saturday, Nov. 16 at Albany Country Club at 300 Wormer Road.

GUILDERLAND — Community Caregivers announces its first Spring Open House, “Meet Community Caregivers,” on Thursday, March 22, from 4 to 6 p.m.

The open house will take place at the Community Caregivers’ office at 2021 Western Ave, Suite 104, in Guilderland.

Most junior and senior boys are studying for the new SATs, waiting to hear from colleges, trying to find jobs, and maybe figuring out who they want  to take to the junior prom and the senior ball.

On the Memorial Day weekend, we were in Austin, Texas for a grandson’s graduation from the University of Texas. You may recall that weekend had devastating flooding in Texas.


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