An amendment to New Scotland’s zoning code changed the requirement of a special-use permit for agricultural activity outside of the agricultural district from those on five acres or less of property to those on seven acres or less.

A judge reached deep into one bag of fleece and then another, fingering the fibers as she marked a score sheet.

The manager of Indian Ladder Farms says apple prices won’t increase because of new federal regulations for handling pesticides; the farm is already following most of the protocols.

Over 200 years ago, the invention of a horse-drawn rake saved farmers labor in baling hay — the fuel of transportation. A replica of the flop rake will be on display at this year’s Altamont Fair.

The 123rd Altamont Fair is set to bring together events both old and new, as well as people from around the region.

The child’s tale about stone soup is being played out in Westerlo as people are contributing to a farm that Dennis Peterson is setting up for his autistic children, hoping it will serve others with disabilities as well.

The Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy’s Summer Festival marked many milestones on Sunday, July 17.

Local ingredients. An accomplished chef. Youthful energy. And a  business plan to  do something more than a little different.

A new project through the Cornell Cooperative Extension will analyze varying prices of farmers’ market products throughout eastern New York State. 

Bethlehem Grange

The National Grange succeeded in lobbying for free rural mail delivery and the Farm Credit System. Now, the Bethlehem Grange's focus is on community service.



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